About Us


Who we are "A made in Italy reality"

Foundry Alfe CHEM is an industrial reality with production headquarters in Italy, operating for years in the field of lubrication and chemical auxiliaries for machining and industrial processes. Our research and development, production, logistics and technical and administrative offices are committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We work and operate both in the national territory and in the international field.

From the foundry and treatment of alloys, to the finished product through the exclusive specialist knowledge of the individual strategic processes.

Foundry Alfe CHEM's Technological Area is unique in its completeness, and ensures the coverage of the entire metal process chain: from foundry and alloy treatment to the finished product through the exclusive specialized knowledge of each single production process.
Foundry Alfe CHEM's goal is to combine a high level of performance of lubricants and auxiliary chemicals used in industrial processes and manufacturing with the maximum guarantees related to hygiene and safety conditions in the workplace and the protection and respect for the environment.
Our products are designed, studied and developed through the maximum integration with biodegradable raw materials of our production, coming from renewable sources, and able to reduce and certify the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Our plants in Italy


Operative Site – R & D Center


Foundry solid lubricants and powder chemicals.


Production of Bio Polymers and Bio Lubricants from Natural sources.


Our plants in the world


Our Research and Technological Development capabilities for lubricant and chemical auxiliary products for metal processing, foundry activities and industrial processes as a whole allows us to be aware of the entire processing cycle of industrial realities. Therefore, we are able to enhance within companies the opportunities for optimization of the products themselves, both as technological performance, and as savings in consumption and number of products used.
In particular, in the field of ALLUMINIO we manufacture and customize products that allow to maintain the qualities of ecological and recyclable material, with the most advanced demands for performance and quality
Foundry Alfe CHEM is also present in the leather treatment sector, in the glass, paper mills and Automotive industries.

Expertise and customer care

Foundry Alfe CHEM has its own research and development and technical support laboratories managed by experienced staff. The company also has the most modern and sophisticated means to carry out accurate and stringent analyses on both incoming and finished products at the end of production processes.
Our staff is fully available to customers to address and solve all the problems of the production process, also optimizing the resources available.

Culture, History, Art and Beauty

Italy is 0.5% of the world's surface area, with 14 million hectares of cultivated land out of 800 million, and yet for many it represents the excellence of agribusiness in the world. Our great beauty is our biodiversity, yet we are the only peninsula in the world where the meeting between the winds of the sea from the South and those of the mountains in the North produces a unique microclimate. We have 7,000 species of vascular flora and edible vegetables (the second country in the world has 3,300), we have 58,000 species of animals (the second country in the world has 20,000), we have 1,200 native vines (the second has 222), we have 533 cultivations of olive trees (the second country in the world has 70). We are not only talking about a path in food biodiversity, but also in human, artistic and landscape biodiversity, a path that characterizes and distinguishes our country.