Heat Treatment

Heat treatment oils are products intended for the hardening and tempering of variously composed steels and for all fields of mechanical construction. The use of these treatments is aimed at modifying the crystalline lattice of the various materials and, consequently, to substantially modify their mechanical characteristics. The products of this typology constitute indispensable auxiliaries in this sector allowing economies of operation, repeatability of operations and constancy of quality.

Foundry Alfe CHEM hardening fluids have been developed to meet the difficult challenges of the industrial heat treatment industry. They are designed to provide the best quenching performance on all quenching alloys, a reduction in the tendency to distortion and sludge and offer a significantly extended service life. Whether you need an economical, yet highly effective product, a premium, highly inhibited formula or a self-emulsifiable hardening oil, Foundry Alfe CHEM has the answer.
  1. Constant and predictable quenching rates
  2. Resistance to degradation and the formation of sludge and deposits
  3. Optimized to offer low drag and evaporation losses
  4. Excellent corrosion inhibition
  5. High flash point and low smoke formation
  6. Ecological
  7. Easy to control and maintain
  8. Long life

Complete range of ALFEQUENCH hardening polymers. Soluble PVPs, PAG hardening fluids for surface hardening, surface hardening, SURFACE heat treatment.
steel and metal production.